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Here We Come Barnes!

10:16PM April 23, 2019

Since 2009 we have diligently been converting our ILEC service area from outdated, copper wire facilities to new, state-of-the-art fiber optics.  We've made this investment in our infrastructure to provide the residents and businesses of northwestern Wisconsin with unprecedented Internet, TV, Phone and Security services.  With 12 of the 13 exchanges complete, Barnes is our last area to tackle.

Starting the first of May, our technicians and contractors will begin burying fiber optic cables to our current subscribers and then move on to converting the main line that connects back to our central office.  Our goal is to have all new lines in the ground by October 1st.  After new facilities are buried, we will switch out our equipment on the premise and finally convert each location to fiber!

So why should you care about fiber?

  • It provides you with the broadband required for all your 21st century technologies.
  • It boosts your property value by 2% according to market research and consulting firm RVA LLC.
  • It allows for a safer and more secure data transmission; tapping a fiber cable is nearly impossible compared to old copper wire.
  • And many more!

If you are a current customer, thank you very much for allowing us to serve you.  We will be contacting you in the next few months to schedule your conversion.  If you don’t have our service, but want fiber, enter your address on the right side of the screen to sign-up for service, pick what services best suit your needs, and a local consultant will be in touch.

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