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Calling All Residents Of Ashland!

9:47AM March 14, 2018

Hey there Ashland folks! For years now the hardest part about serving the businesses of the City of Ashland has been NOT being able to extend our services to you- the residents. The reasons being are many, but like everything it comes down to cost. The truth is, fiber optic internet is expensive... for a reason. It's the most cutting edge delivery medium of internet available today, capable of bringing you gigabit download and upload speeds. That's nearly 1000 times faster than whats available to many of the residents in Ashland today! The second reason is that we bury all our fiber optic lines to ensure maximum up-time and keep long-term maintenance costs down on our network. So you can imagine what the costs would be to bring service to residents on an individual basis. But we're changing that.

Thanks to the new Norvado Fiber site, we are going to gauge the level of interest residents of Ashland have for Norvado services. The more people that show interest, the better we'll be able to build a plan to bring service to your neighborhood. Here's the cool thing. We will begin to prioritize our residential expansion efforts based on the amount of interest a particular area of the city has for our services, and where our current fiber exists. So, if you want us to consider bringing the fastest internet known to man to your house, you can help by getting your neighbors to sign-up and show interest too. Once we have enough interest (which will keep the cost down), we'll work with you and your neighbors to make it happen!

So sign-up and check back often. We'll keep you posted.

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